About Me

I'm Dena, and I love and believe in cooking and food -- I think the way and what we eat has a profound impact on our lives. Really whoever coined the phrase, "you are what you eat" was onto something.

And so it follows that I am also especially interested in eating locally, sustainably, organically, and ethically. Most of all, think people cooking for themselves and their families is not only important, but in this day and industrial-food-age, can be a truly revolutionary act. I am a firm believer -- and proof! -- that you need not be Martha Stewart to be able to cook a decent, healthy meal.

I taught myself to cook several years ago, with the help of many cookbooks, cooking shows, patient friends, and an even more patient husband.

I now cook nearly every night of the week. Outside of the kitchen, I'm a non-profit fundraiser. I am lucky enough to live in Eugene, Oregon with my husband and dog.

Email me with your recipes, questions, and more.

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