Friday, November 2, 2007

NaBloPoMo -- I'm doing it!

This is such a little baby blog, but I'm going for it and joining in the festivities of National Blog Posting Month (aka NaBloPoMo).

Which means: I am pledging to post every day for the month of November.

Yikes. But given how excited I am about my new pet blog, it might not be that hard. And given I cook nearly every night and how many of my friends are into cooking, I don't think I should be lacking for posts.

So....if you haven't submitted a recipe yet, please do! I've got 28 days of recipes to be posted stretching ahead of me!


  1. Hi! I came over from NaBloPoMo. I'm challenging myself to comment on as many blogs as possible this month.

    Ooh! Recipes! Do you have any good vegetarian ones? I make a killer faux meat veggie lasagna I'll be happy to share with you (if I can remember all the steps - I don't have anything written down).

    Happy Posting!


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