Friday, November 30, 2007

Potato Latkes: Looking for a Good Recipe

So next Tuesday night is the first night of Channukah, and I am planning on making a special meal to celebrate, especially seeing how it's my first one as a Jew-to-be (or, as my hubby and I like to jokingly call me, as a "Jewbie" -- newbie Jew).

Potato latkes, and food cooked with oil, as well as dairy, are traditional Channukah foods. (Can I just pause for a minute and say YUM!) I would love to make my own latkes. But I don't have a family recipe. I'm scouring the internet for a good (and pretty easy, too, if possible!) potato latke recipe, but I thought I'd put the call out here too.

So please, if you have a recipe that this Jewbie could follow to celebrate her first Channukkah, please send it along. I promise to post the winning recipe with photos of my feast.

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