Wednesday, February 20, 2008

More Belated Menu Posting

Sigh....sometimes working full-time really gets in the way, no?'s what we've been eating and will eat at Casa Dena this week:

  • Monday: Cuban chicken with garlic-sauteed broccoli and cabbage salad
  • Tuesday: Chili
  • Wednesday: Quinoa with Balsamic Brussels Sprouts & Red Onion (this is one of my favorites....I forgot to take photos this week but I'll make it again next week and post this recipe.)
  • Thursday: I have Book Club so hubby will be eating Wednesday night leftovers, which he is very happy about, as that meal is one of his faves too
  • Friday: Ravioli (variety TBD) with garlic-sauteed Chard

My friend Liz got inspired by this blog a while ago and told me she made her own Homemade Indian Takeout and loved it! I cannot tell you how gratifying this is. It totally gives me a "Pay It Forward" feeling. My dear friends Robin and Winston supported and inspired me to cook real, whole, complete meals on my own (instead of, say, microwave kettle corn with some carrot sticks and ranch dressing for dinner) many years ago, and I have been so grateful for that ever since. To think I've inspired someone to cook even one meal is a lovely thought.

On a similar-ish note, I got a shout-out on one of my fave food blogs and I am completely bowled over. I'm having a little bit of a moment, actually. I'm not worthy!

And what are you eating for dinner this week?

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