Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Menu Plan for the Week

Well it's been a little while since I posted one of these. I assure you: I have not been without a menu plan these past several weeks, I have merely been lazy, forgetful, busy, or some combination of the three.


My menu plans have changed a bit recently, and not just because of seasonality! I am trying to cook as leftovery and economically as possible. So, I have started making as many things that provide delicious leftovers as possible. Hence the increase in pasta dishes. The fact is that pasta stretches a meal, cheaply. As do beans. Which is why you'll see more chilis and bean stews around here, too.

I would love, love, love any recipes or websites you know of that talk about how to cook frugally and to make food last longer than one meal. Send 'em on over!

Plus the kind of meals that make great leftovers are usually comfort food-ish, which are great cold weather dishes, too.

Here's what we're eating at Casa Dena this week:

  • Sunday: Leftovers from last week (see what I mean?)
  • Monday: Yummiest, craziest pizza ever from the Pizza Research Institute (makes GREAT leftovers; enough for a whole 'nother meal for two people)
  • Tuesday: Chanterelle-Butternut Bisque (saw beautiful wild-foraged chanterelles at the Farmer's Market this weekend and could not resist. Plus this soup makes great leftovers, too!)
  • Wednesday: Baked Ziti (I gotta post my recipe for this. It is quick, easy, TASTY, and in terms of making a pasta meal last -- you just put the pan in the fridge and keep coming back to it.)
  • Thursday: Black Beans & Rice -- double batch for twice the leftovers. Oh yeah!
  • Friday: Brussell Sprout Quinoa (which I will post tomorrow, I PROMISE. Oh I know; you've heard it before. But this time I really am gonna do it.)
And you? What are you eating this week?

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