Thursday, January 8, 2009

Not to go on about Mark Bittman, but....

Seriously I am having a foodie-crush on this guy right now. I just read over his profile in the Observer from a little while, and I apologize if you're so over him, but I have to share this with you all:

“The grass-fed beef concept is really great,” he went on, “but if you don’t cut consumption, it doesn’t matter. There’s not enough room for grass-fed beef any more than there’s enough room for imprisoned beef.”

It’s the same with seafood. “All this farm-raised stuff, it’s crap,” he said, but he is wary of promoting wild fish. “If I tell you to go eat it, it’s gone.” Mr. Bittman said he cannot update [his 1992 cookbook] Fish because so many of the 70 species he wrote about have since disappeared.

“I have no interest in helping people becoming chefs,” Mr. Bittman said. “I have an interest in 50 percent of the people in America knowing how to cook. And whether they cook like chefs or not, I don’t care. It’s probably better if they don’t. It would be better if they cook like me, which is adequately.”

Amen to that!

A promise for Friday: I will post a recipe! And it will be something yummy. I just have to sort through my photos and see what I got on there.


  1. Dena - I am sure you probably already know about his recently released book Food Matters, that is based on Michael Pollan's concepts. He is on book tour in the NW this week - he is at powells in PDX on Thursday at 7:30pm.

  2. I did see that! Unfortunately I can't make it up there this Thursday. I wish!

    But I've already requested his book from the library. :-)


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