Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Just a Regular Guy

Remember we were talking about the French Laundry restaurant a little while ago? NPR did a fantastic piece on Thomas Keller on Morning Edition today. And basically he sounds like a totally down-to-earth, normal guy who just loves to cook and has an incredible work ethic. Which makes his food heavenly.

My favorite part? When he admitted that years ago, fancy chefs were all into making their own ketchup, but their diners kept asking for Heinz. And recognizing that how we taste and eat food has so much to do with what we were raised on -- Heinz ketchup, for instance. I know this is certainly true for mayonnaise; anything but Best Foods/Hellmann's tastes off to me (though their light mayo still totally works). I've tried fancier mayos and they just don't taste right, to me.

Take a minute to listen. He sounds like a guy I'd love to cook with and sit down to a homecooked meal with. Thomas Keller, you're officially invited over for dinner anytime you're free.

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