Monday, March 1, 2010

My Top Chef Boys Are Nominated for James Beard Awards

This is so great!

From the Bravo blog:

Thrilled to see Tom and Kevin on there. They deserve it, and they deserve to win!


  1. if only this or kathy g. was on bravo when i was doing cardio @ the gym--it's always 'real housewives...' of somewhere, or that hair-salon rescue... :-P

  2. Oh just give it a few months.... when either Top Chef or Kathy have a new season on Bravo, they will loop those episodes so many times you'll have them memorized.

    (But you know I secretly love those New York Housewives. Total guilty pleasure.)

    And I can't help but mention.... if David had a DVR, this wouldn't be a problem....


  3. but that wdn't work for the rowing machine @ the gym :-P and yes, i used 2 be obsessed w/all the "housewives" when i used to spend all that time on planes for biz travel...


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