Friday, April 2, 2010


No, not DiSpirito. No, not Ritchie.

Meet our Rocco! We brought him home from the shelter 20 days ago. He has been a total joy and a "rocc"star. No but really -- he's been a total champ and is a complete lovebug. We are so happy to have him in our family.

He's my new sous chef. (He likes to hang out in the kitchen with me while I cook. Can't imagine why.)


  1. Who's a pretty Rocco?!?

    I am so happy for you guys.

  2. 20 days? already?? so glad he got over shinykitchenflooraphobia :-P

    hey, is a picasa slideshow easier than google docs?

  3. I know! It's now officially been 3+ weeks. He's so great.

    He did finally get over the shinykitchenflooraphobia, but only because I channeled my inner Temple Grandin and realized he was afraid of slipping on it. So I threw down 4 bathroom rugs, which he would initially hop from one to one to get across the kitchen, and he eventually got over it. I removed them one by one and he never really noticed. His favorite place to hang out in the kitchen is still on the little mat in front of the sink, though!

    (Never tried a google docs slideshow; didn't know they did them!)


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