Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tomato Side Salad: The Taste of Summer

I am one of those people who cannot eat fresh tomatoes nine months out of the year. I just would rather not eat them at all than eat the (scarily toxic) things that pass for tomatoes for most of the year. And I rarely eat them when I'm at a restaurant, unless I know they've obtained them locally.

But the three months when tomatoes are in season? Pure heaven. Nothing signals, embodies, and imbues one's being with the essence of summer like a vine-ripened fresh tomato. Seriously.

And I recently discovered the best tomatoes I have EVER eaten, even better than the ones my husband grew in our garden when we had a yard two years ago. Even he agrees! If you live anywhere near the Bay Area, do yourself a huge favor and make sure you taste one of these before the season's over. Their taste may very well last me through to next season. Each bite tastes like the essence of ripe summer tomatoes intensified by 100. I'm not kidding. They really are that good.

Inspired by these amazing tomatoes, I took a hint from one of my favorite food blogs and made my Tomato Side Salad to go with the burgers I made last Sunday night. Grass-fed beef from only 50 miles away and tomatoes from 75 miles away -- a summer Sunday dinner doesn't get better.

Dena's Tomato Side Salad

As many dry-farmed Early Girl tomatoes as you are in the mood for, sliced
1 sweet Italian onion, sliced paper-thin
salt and pepper to taste

Arrange the onion over the tomatoes and add plenty of salt and pepper. Eat and be blissful.

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