Monday, November 17, 2008

Michael Pollan for Secretary of Agriculture!

Holy moly I daren't even dream of it.

Sign the petition!

And after today's editorial in The New York Times about our country's own problem with melamine (nevermind China's), someone like Pollan in the cabinet seems more critical than ever.
"For all the outrage about Chinese melamine, what American consumers and government agencies have studiously failed to scrutinize is how much melamine has pervaded our own food system. In casting stones, we’ve forgotten that our own house has more than its share of exposed glass."
Basically reading that editorial makes me want to never have to eat again. There's just too much scary stuff happening in our food chain to be able to be sure you're safe from it.

Sadly, not eating again is not an option. So hubby and I are re-devoting ourselves to being very careful about the meat we eat and the produce we buy. Local, non-industrial organic (ie, not Earthbound Farms and not Horizon Organic Dairy) is as safe as we can get, for now.

Can you imagine if someone like Pollan were in charge to help us get out of this royal food mess we're in?

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