Saturday, November 15, 2008

Thinking Thanksgiving

Speaking of Thanksgiving, it is now officially 2 weeks away, and I am feeling the pressure of needing to figure out what the F we're going to do around here at Casa Dena.

I am lucky enough to get the week of Thanksgiving off from work this year, so I am torn between wanting to cook up an amazing feast that takes me all week to prepare and wanting to keep it simple and to one day of cooking, making something new instead of the traditional old bird.

As I find great-sounding recipes for The Big Day, I will post them here. For now, here's a roundup of some great recipes I've seen so far, including some I am pondering cooking up myself this year:
What are you making this year? Are you going traditional or new? Any favorite recipes you'd care to share?


  1. We're going to be in Florida this year and my sister's in laws are making the dinner so I have no idea what is on the menu. I have been trying to work my way up to making a turducken, but it's not going to be this year, unfortunately. Since you have all that time off, if you're feeling adventurous, it might be fun to try.

  2. OMG have you ever seen Paula Deen make a turducken? Awesomest show of hers ever!


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