Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Thanksgiving Mashed Potatoes

There really are so many different authorities and recipes for the "perfect" mashed potatoes.

I really appreciated this article from last year's New York Times which breaks it all down and tells you what the really important components are, and which variables don't matter.*

And that really, perfect mashed potatoes don't have to be difficult or time-consuming to make.

*(Hint: you can use whichever kind of potato you prefer, but you can't use whichever kind of masher you prefer.)


  1. i actually disagree on the mashed taters: u CAN get gd mashed from waxy taters, but why? if u start off w/a high-starch potato it's so much easier to do, easier on yr wrists, lighter, and y're practically guaranteed goodness, even if y're off @ some cabin + needed 2 resort 2 a fork + olive oil + cold milk.

  2. I always add cream cheese and sour cream to mine, so the type of potatoes, masher used, etc don't really matter much to the end result. They are going to clog your arteries no matter what. =)

  3. Winston, I so agree with you -- if I make mashed potatoes this year, they will be with russets.

    And Heather -- that IS the whole point of mashed potatoes, isn't it? It's really all about the high-fat dairy that we can get in there! Mmmm...cream cheese AND sour cream! I may have to consider adding that to mine this year....


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