Friday, April 17, 2009

Farmer's Markets

I don't know where you live, but here in Eugene, Oregon, spring has really sprung and everyone's feeling it all over.

An interesting thing about living here in Oregon is that unlike in California (from where we moved 8 months ago), farmer's markets don't usually run year-round. At least the Eugene one doesn't, anyway. It runs until November 14th, with a mini-extension at the Holiday Market through the end of December. After that, we're all waiting and watching and hoping until April!

Well my friends, the Eugene Farmer's Market is back and it is beautiful and wondrous. It's actually been another really cool signifier of the change in seasons and of spring's gracing our part of the globe.... Cherry blossoms, daffodils, magnolias, singing birds, longer days, sun higher in the sky, and the farmer's market!

Part of my meal planning for the week now includes stopping at the farmer's market every Saturday to see what bounty catches my eye. Whatever looks good, we buy. From those ingredients, I craft my menu plan. It's kind of fun and interesting, a backwards way of planning. Keeps things fresh around here. Plus it celebrates the season perfectly.

Wherever you are, I hope you're near a farmer's market. And I hope you take a chance and stop by -- the produce will be unparalleled, and the experience of shaking your food's grower's hand and handing over cash directly to them is immensely gratifying.

As Earth Day approaches, I am saluting my local farmers. And hoping to keep them in business. We need them now more than ever.


  1. Hi Dena-

    I read your meal plan - very similar to ours this week! Burgers yesterday (with Deck beef) and bok choi the other day.

    I also thought I would let you know that the farmers market did about 6 Saturdays in Feb and Mar to test out the idea of year round markets. Plus Mazzi's has had a small-ish one all winter (and it has continued since Sat mkt opened).

  2. I love that your menu plan is similar to ours - makes so much sense! Seasonal eating is like a local, community feast.

    You're right, I didn't do the Eugene Farmer's Market justice: we did go to the market behind Mazzi's in the winter, and we were so grateful for it. We tried to go to the main farmer's market plaza ones in Feb and March and found them to be lacking -- the one next to Hideaway Bakery was much better.

    Even so, those winter markets were nothing compared to the explosion of produce and bounty at the newly re-opened farmer's market! Made me rejoice for spring.

    But thanks for the tips! Always good to get the scoop.



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