Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Breakfast of Champions

OMG I just had to share this with you. My best friend's sister's husband (uh...yeah), Dan, is one half of the hilarious genius mastermind team behind this new comic called the Urban Blah. And today's is priceless.

Because I love love love me some nachos. The thought of Breakfast Nachos? Mmmmmm...yummers.

What's your guilty pleasure/indulgence that is all kinds of wrong but just can't be denied?


  1. my worst is bad, bad stuff right after the gym! in nyc, it used to be a krispy kreme cruller or boston cream pie doughnut on w 23rd st right after the y; nowadays in sf it's steam-table chinese food on 14th st right after 24 hour...

  2. A bag of m&m's poured over my movie popcorn! (at least I skip the "butter" topping)

  3. A pint of ice cream (usually Ben & Jerrys) or an ice cream sundae from Bi-Rite: salted caramel ice cream, topped with caramel sauce, topped with (hopefully a generous helping of) their freshly whipped cream, and finished off with their divine house-made almond toffee. It's pretty much the same as eating a pint of ice cream, only prettier and not as cheap.

  4. OMG you guys! You're making me huuuuuungry. Seriously: bad (but delicious) Chinese food followed by M&M's on movie popcorn, wrapped up with a Bi-Rite sundae?!?!?!?

    I'm dying.

    Winston -- I almost choked when I thought of eating Krispy Kreme after the gym. But on second thought, yummm.

    Mitch -- I think you get points for most original!

    Nzinga -- a girl after my own heart. How freaking DELICIOUS is that salted caramel ice cream? Holy good god.

  5. Going to the In N Out in Daly City hungry and picking up a hot and ready Krispy Kreme BEFORE waiting in the huge line to order a double double animal style. I can almost always convince my party that it's a good idea.

    And if you haven't done Raisinets instead of M&M's in the movie theater popcorn, you need to give it ago.

  6. Oh god yes the heavenly combo of Krispy Kreme & In-n-Out. So wrong. And yet, SO GOOD.


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