Sunday, May 10, 2009

Still Tasty

Still Tasty.

No, that's not the working title of my memoirs.

It's an awesome site that I heard about from a friend blogger that gives you the answer to the eternal question we've all asked ourselves after leaving pizza out overnight by mistake:

"Can I still eat this???"

In fact, they answer that very question! (Not to my satisfaction, however: I am all about eating pizza leftovers, whether they made it into the fridge or not.)

And they answer the question my dear friend Winston and I have often asked ourselves: Why/how on earth does bottled water have an expiration date?

We need wonder no longer. And, it turns out, we need replace our earthquake water no longer to continue to replace our earthquake water, simply because of the plastic in which it comes -- what a waste. If anyone knows of a way to store water safely in large non-plastic containers, I wanna know!

And now that we're heading into the fruity months of spring and summer, I love this guide on how to store fruit and get the most out of it. Because nothing's worse than rotting fruit -- that just has always struck me as really bad juju/feng shui/karma.


  1. i dont know...we just found our earthquake water from years ago and it completely tasted plastic. its not the water that goes bad, its the plastic. happy dioxins!

  2. Okay, TRUE, Megan. And this is the problem with bottling water in plastic. Maybe hubby and I should start storing water in aluminum barrels....

    Kidding. Tho I do wish there was an alternative to buying water for emergency preparedness in plastic bottles. That really bugs -- a waste on SO many levels.

  3. THANK YOU for clearing up our h20 wonderings-- i got obsessed w/yr great links! and then tried a search for non-plastic alternatives for emergency h20 so wd love to hear if others find.

  4. OMG! i am constantly wondering, Is that still good, then tossing out cause I am worried. so excited about still tasty.


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