Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Top Chef Master Indeed!

So...remember I was in San Francisco a little while ago?

Well, I got to meet a few really awesome people when I was there. And one of them is a personal hero of mine, whom I've met before but have always been a little starstruck over. This time, I just talked to her, and lo and behold she is a totally normal, friendly, and down to earth person, just like I knew she would be. And I finally got up the gumption to be a total dork and ask if I could take a picture with her.

Because let's face it: Elizabeth Falkner is one KICK-ASS chef who makes delicious food and puts a wonderful face to the culinary industry, and women in the industry especially.

If you don't know who she is yet, you will soon -- she is starring on Bravo's Top Chef Masters! (You may also have seen her on the Food Network on Iron Chef America or on various cake-baking competition shows, or on previous episodes of Bravo's Top Chef, where she's been a guest judge.)

So not only is she totally friendly and approachable and a serious rockstar chef, her food is also delectable and delicious. My husband took me to one of her restaurants, Citizen Cake, for dessert on my birthday several years ago -- which was also like our third date -- when we first met, and let's just say: her food is definitely seductive.

And this time when I took this photo with her, we were at her new restaurant, Orson, where I had some of her hors d'oeuvres -- and there were these cheesy poofy bite-thingys that were out of this freaking world, people. Yummm....

Thank you, Elizabeth, for humoring me and being such an approachable, watchable, and insanely talented icon for us foodies. Can't wait to watch you on Top Chef Masters* and can't wait to eat more of your food!

(*I'm DVR'ing all the episodes so I can watch a marathon some weekend afternoon!)

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  1. Nice photos! That was a great night and you are correct the hors d'oeuvres were great.


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