Friday, November 20, 2009

This Week's Top Chef


 Okay so I'm catching up on this week's Top Chef -- it's the last episode in Vegas, the last one before the finals -- and WOW. I'm kinda faux-live-blogging it as I watch it.

First, the primary thing I've noticed is that this is a strong group. This is the first time we've gotten to the Final Five and I like them all. There's nobody I'm hating; in fact, it feels so good to have one person I'm really rooting for and loving, yet still liking the rest of the crowd. All five of these chefs can cook their asses off, that's for daaaamn sure.

And who is it I'm loving and rooting for? Not who you'd think: Kevin. I find his spirit, outlook, and food that he cooks to be inspiring and totally fan-worthy. I still have love for Jennifer, and I do hope she makes it to the Final Four, but I don't think she's got the winning spirit. Sorry Jennifer.

If I had to call who I think will be eliminated on this episode, I think I'd call it for Eli. Sorry Eli.

Okay I forever looooove Padma for the "welcome back" wink she gave Jennifer during the Quickfire round. Finally we see a bit of Padma's va-va-voom!

I also am really laughing and am slightly surprised by how the claws have come out a bit -- Michael Voltaggio's remark about Kevin's food being the food he cooks on his days off was totally bitchy. But I know, they're in a tough competition and the claws will come out at some point.

However, I disagree with Michael's snobbery: I don't think that being simple makes food inferior; I don't think the fanciness of French food makes it superior. It requires more technical skill, certainly. But I am a big fan of simple, seasonal food made with love. I think the soul you can find in it can outshine the technical ninja skills of some kinds of French food any day.

Getting the Bocuse d'Or folks onto Top Chef is a huge coup, and speaks to how highly regarded it is in the culinary world. I really love that. I think this show just keeps getting better.

Okay I am so thrilled Kevin won this one! Michael Voltaggio, take that! ;-)

And it's fitting that Eli's gone now. He had a good run, but the other four outshone him.

Can I have a moment of glee in the fact that I called this Final Four ages ago? I AM AWESOME. Ha. I do think Kevin could win it all. GO KEVIN!

I'm also super excited that the finale will be in Napa. That's foodie heaven for sure. Perfect.

Can't wait to see how it all turns out!

(For a HI-larious recap of this week's episode, check this out. I have three words for you: "Indigo Mom Toytime." Seriously, I was laughing out loud at my computer screen; my dog thinks I'm a nut.)

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  1. I agree with you on all points! This season reminds me a little of Top Chef Masters in that there is a LOT less anxiety going on because their skill levels are so much higher to begin with. I'm also loving their camaraderie. It's a nice change of pace (with the exception of Michael - who's a royal butthead).


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