Thursday, December 10, 2009

Gift Ideas for the Cook In Your Life

One of my very fave food and cooking blogs, Smitten Kitchen, just posted a fantastic gift guide for anyone who loves to cook.

The reasons I think her gift guide is so great, among the countless gift guides out there?

First, she knows of what she speaks. The woman can cook. And bake. And bake some more. I aspire to cook even one thing that could compete with her gourmet fare.

Second, she's a real home cook! She's a normal human being just like you and me (er, so to speak -- "normal" is not a word most would use to describe me, I suppose) and she really does cook and bake all that stuff in her own kitchen.

Third, she has a notoriously teensy little kitchen. So all of her kitchen things must be small or easy to store, which I think is another bonus point. I certainly have more space than she does in my kitchen, but I don't want to clutter it up.

As for me, a certain number of her recommendations are going on my list....


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