Monday, March 15, 2010

Food Poem of the Month: March


Before I gave up wondering why everything
was a lot of nothing worth losing or getting back,
I took out a jar of olives, a bottle of capers,
a container of leftover tomato sauce with onions,
put a generous portion of each in olive oil
just hot enough but not too hot,
along with some minced garlic and a whole can of anchovies,
until the mixture smelled like a streetwalker's sweat,
then emptied it onto a half pound of penne, beautifully al dente,
under a heap of grated pecorino romano
in a wide bowl sprinkled with fresh chopped parsley.
If you had been there, I would have given you half,
and asked you whether its heavenly bitterness
made you remember anything you had once loved.

By Michael Heffernan, from The Night Breeze Off the Ocean.


  1. i <3 this! and that u have a pic of yr puttanesca at the top. funny that it IS also a recipe. and a fave...

  2. I heard that Italian name before, but never knew what it was. Looks scrumptious.

  3. And actually, I was remiss in not linking to my Puttanesca recipe! It is here:


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