Thursday, March 25, 2010

The (Food) Revolution Is Being Televised

Did you happen to catch the pilot of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution?

I had recorded it and wasn't sure what I'd think of it. I finally got around to watching it -- and was riveted. What a fantastic show. Jamie is telling it, bringing it, and cooking it.

It's going to take some serious doing for him to make even a dent in the god-awful eating habits (pizza for breakfast as a sanctioned school meal?!?) of Huntington, West Virginia -- recently named the "unhealthiest city in America."

I salute Jamie Oliver for taking on our country's eating: he's got it all right. What we eat is more than just what we put in our mouths for any given meal. It's about changing our future: we can be better than who we have complacently become at the hands of industries and corporations who make money off our unhealthy habits.

We don't have to surrender to this new reality of "easy, inexpensive eating means our only options are unhealthy." We don't have to accept that we are becoming heavier and sicker every day. We don't have to resign ourselves that our children may not have the lifespan that we are projected to have. And we certainly have a right to be outraged about this entire state of affairs! I feel like Jamie is helping us to take off some of our blinders and retrieve our outrage about the state of our food systems and eating in this country. How can it not all make you mad? My favorite part in the pilot is when Jamie talks about being PISSED about the food being fed the schoolchildren he's working with. I so feel you, brother.

It's about taking the simplest steps to cook simple meals for ourselves and our families -- in doing that, I really do believe we can change the future of this country. (Just think how that would change our healthcare needs and healthcare system!)

So go watch. I'll be right there with you: Fridays, 8pm, ABC.

(No, neither ABC nor Jamie Oliver have any idea or care about who I am. I just really did love this show. It's not all preachy, either. It's entertaining -- especially when he tangles with the school lunch ladies!)

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