Thursday, July 15, 2010

New Season of Top Chef!

Has anyone else been watching? I am, of course, watching religiously.

We're only 5 episodes in but already I have my favorites and decidedly un-favorites. And my prediction for the winner: Kenny.

He can cook his ass off, that's for sure. He knows what he's doing in the kitchen, he's got crazy skills, AND he's personable, mature, a natural leader, and a good manager.

And if he won, he'd be the first person of color to win Top Chef. That would be huge! I would love to see that happen already. And it's about time, frankly.

I think Angelo is his main competition (these two chefs clearly think so, too, what with their constant trying to out-maneuver one another), and happily for me (because it makes for funner watching), Angelo is my #1 Un-Favorite. Ugh. He is gross. And not just because of the weird, awkward way he keeps coming onto Tamesha. Plus homeboy needs to bring his ego down several notches; he's just not all that.

Also, will we see our first Top Chef hook-up with Tiffany and Ed? I love it.

What are your predictions? How are you liking this season?

1 comment:

  1. I think you're spot-on with this prediction, Dena.
    You must be beside yourself with excitement for the next season of T.C. - "Just Desserts"!


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