Thursday, August 19, 2010

No More KENNY??? WTF, Top Chef!

Okay you know I love me some Top Chef. But there's always one point, in every season, where I get really disappointed in them because they send one of the most -- if not THE most -- talented chefs home and let crappy, mediocre, sloppy chefs stay because they managed to not frick up entirely but didn't shine at all either.


That's what happened last week -- Kenny (aka The Beast) was sent home. Remember how I had predicted he would win it all? Well, he certainly had the chops to do so. And I think he was completely DONE WRONG last week when they sent him home, leaving the equally shabby and embarassing Amanda and Alex to continue.

So I haven't watched this week's yet, because I'm still mad at them. I'll get over it and I still want to see who wins, but I'll always hold Kenny in my heart as the true deserving hero.

Okay, ranting done. What about you? Are you enjoying this season? Now I'm rooting for Kevin to win. God I hope Angelo doesn't win.

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  1. Yeah, I feel your pain. Kenny brings the skills.

    My only thought: his team's offerings were a total f-up. When everyone you're supervising underperforms, you're likely to be held accountable. I think this may explain his surprising departure.

    Truth be told, this season is kind of boring the hell out of me. (Not that I'll stop watching, mind you.)


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