Thursday, November 8, 2007

Leanna's Bachelor Dinner

My friend Leanna has given us this recipe to try. I have heard her call it "Burrito in a Bowl," but for today's theme, it is now Leanna's Bachelor Dinner, especially given its versatility.

Leanna's notes: I don’t work from recipes that often and I rarely cook anything the same way twice, so actually trying to share a recipe requires a little bit of thought.

Unless of course all my recipes are:

  1. Open can

  2. Throw whatever is in refrigerator that sounds good with can contents – providing it has not spoiled – into frying pan or microwavable bowl

  3. Season to taste

  4. Heat

  5. Grate cheese of choice over top

  6. Serve with chips
If it is hot outside, omit step 4, unless eggs or onions sounded good with contents of can.

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