Thursday, November 8, 2007

Zoe's Bachelor Dinners

One of my very best friends in the whole world, Zoe, has graciously responded to my call for quick and easy recipes with her very favorite go-to meals, which most definitely fall under the Bachelor Dinner category. And this one's a two-fer! I quote verbatim below.

(And no, she's not kidding. This is really how she's always eaten for as long as I've known her, which at this point is going on 13 years.)

Zoe's notes: honestly, it's usually popcorn! for real. mmm.

a few ways i like my popcorn:

  • canola oil and kernels in pan on stove - then add sea salt

  • airpopped, with lots of butter and salt

  • laziest of all: microwave mmm.

  • south beach alternative? edamame, sea salt...

sometimes, chicken smashed thin, dipped in egg, panko crumb things, olive oil all pan fried up. mmmm.

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  1. I love popcorn for dinner too! (Though it must always be airpopped in my household, I'm a snobby bachelor.) My grandmother and I both share a penchant for this lazy, yet suprisingly satisfying dinner. Perfect for when you had a late lunch or you just want to vegetate in front of the TV or with a book for the whole evening.

    Favorite toppings:
    light butter and Lawry's seasoning salt

    light salt, butter with brown sugar melted in for a kettle corn taste. mmmm


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