Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Top Chef: My Girl Choked

OMG you guys what the heck is going on with my Jennifer? She was so rocking and the past two challenges, she has completely choked.

If she doesn't get it together by the next challenge, I am not holding out hope for her to win it all. I think Kevin will swoop in with his (many and very bad-ass, very worthy) skills and take it from her. With some challenge from the Voltaggio brothers, of course. (By the way, can I just say -- I loved that little vignette in the last episode where Kevin ate his heart out, out-eating everyone else at the delicious restaurant! He has considerable charm to match his skillz.)

And can I just say? Robin is making me SO MAD. It is so wrong that she is still in it. The only reason (in my very humble opinion) she is still cooking is because she consistently manages to make her dishes just mediocre and un-offensive enough that there is always someone who's committed a much worse offense in a one-time mistake. I have no love (he kinda bugs) for Mike-Not-Voltaggio, but he can out-cook Robin any day. She is just barely scraping by, managing to duck elimination each time with her consistency of mediocrity, walking away with that grin on her face. I know you know what grin I am talking about.

That's no way to win a contest. I don't want to eat food cooked by the Best Mediocre Ducker. I want food from the TOP CHEF. Ugh. If they don't get rid of her in the next round, I'll.... I don't know what, but I will be PISSED, you guys.

Anyway.... Jennifer -- buck up, kid. You can do it. Just take a minute to breathe, remember why you're there and how you got there, and know that you could -- if you wanted to -- cook circles around your competition. The only thing holding you back is confidence.

We will see what tomorrow's show brings!

Care to share your own thoughts and rants?

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